Canning Class at Happy Girl Kitchen

This past weekend, my friend Sandhya and I ventured about 2hrs south to Pacific Grove to learn all about canning fruits. Canning is essentially the technique used to preserve fruit that’s picked at it’s prime so it can be enjoyed all year round (even when the fruit is no longer available).

Happy Girl Kitchen is an amazing space overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Makes you want to move there the second you step into town! Jordan who is the owner along with her husband Todd, was our wonderful instructor for the day. Here’s what we did:

Apple butter, quince jelly and pears stored in honey.

Farm fresh apples ready to be chopped up for the apple butter

Farm fresh apples ready to be chopped up for the apple butter


Jordan uses this really cool instrument so chop an apple


Chopped apples ready to go into making some delicious apple butter. We probably cut about 20lbs of apples!



Hello and welcome to my blog! This is my first post and I’m excited about my new blogging adventure! I want to use this blog as a means to capture all my  food and non-profit projects. I’m starting cooking classes in 3 weeks (yay!!) and have a delicious menu planned out. Please take a look at the cooking classes tab and come join one of my classes.

Other than that, I just started a 10 week apprenticeship at a local school. Check out the current projects tab to learn more.

Looking forward to blogging and keeping you updated on my culinary journey!